Monday, August 30, 2010

5 days....

Just so you all know, it's 5 (yes 5) days until football season. Saying I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. Obviously, my heart belongs to the Razorbacks, but I do love watching every single NCAA game that is on TV. I get excited just thinking about it!
{Alex at Shelby Farms with the Hill Family}

{On our way to take Charlie & Hank to Shelby Farms!}

I can't remember if I previously mentioned it, but Charlie now weighs 35 pounds. He's 14 weeks old and is completely massive! But, he is amazing. He sits, stays, shakes, is potty trained, and sleeps all night on his pillow (outside of the kennel!). We are so proud!

{Dinner at Flight}

Our friend, Burg, came into town this past weekend and stayed with us. We had a very relaxing weekend and did pretty much nothing! I did make an awesome breakfast dish, Cream Cheese Blueberry Braid (courtesy of Kendall Jones!), that was a huge hit for the boys. I must say, I have become quite the Betty Crocker lately. Anyway, on Saturday night we had a company dinner at Flight. Can I just say that it was absolutely fantastic? I had halibut, sea bass with seafood mashed potatoes, and lobster bisque. Yeah, you really can't beat that menu!

Alex and I are still trying to decide on our holiday weekend plans. Lake, Kennett, or Fayetteville. I would love to be in all three places this weekend, but it's just not possible!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

--- KPG

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