Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These Are a Few of My (Current) Favorite Things....

Since fall is quickly approaching and I have just conquered what could possibly be the busiest summer of my entire life, I thought I would post some of my current favorite things! I say current because I am, afterall, a female (you know how we girls are!), and I find find something else to love about my life every single day!

These are really in no particular order.

1. My new family.
2. My husband.
He's absolutely amazing and means the world to me.

3. My puppy, Charlie.
This little guy brings me so much joy each and every day. He's a bundle of spunk and has the absolute best personality!
4. The Arkansas Razorbacks.
Someone at work had never heard of the hog call. I nearly fainted. My dog (see favorite thing number 3) is named Charles Mallett Griffith after our current quarterback. I love my Hogs!
5. Our house.
I tell Alex at least once everyday how much I love our house. It's perfect. So warm and cozy. Ya'll come visit!
Note: These are pictures from right before we moved in. It's much cozier and decorated now!

6. NCAA Football
I check at least 5 times a day, ya'll. It's pathetic! I also managed to watch 10 (yes, 10) football games over the course of the weekend.

7. Sushi
Guys, I just can't get enough. We have already had it twice this week and it's only Tuesday! I think we're in the double digits for the past month now. Alex is going to start banning sushi in our house.

8. Seafood in General
I used to hate seafood. Despise might actually be a better word for it. However, about 5 years ago a light clicked on and I have been a fanatic ever since! I typically order a seafood dish whenever we go out to eat, but here lately I have craved it even more! We've made seafood dishes at home, and I even ordered a shrimp dish at a Mexican restaurant! (I typically stay away from seafood at mexican places)

9. My yard
Let's get one thing straight: I was not blessed with a green thumb. For those of you who have seen my parents' yard, you know that breaks my mother's heart. I do not enjoy it and quite frankly find it oh so very frustrating. However, since I now have my own yard with no yard man, I have taken up weeding out my flower beds. They already look so much better, and I have literally only pulled up weeds and shaped up bushes. Perhaps in the spring I can get my mom down to Memphis and we can get to planting some pretty plants!

10. PDS and the Martin Institute
I love my job and all of my coworkers. I love waking up knowing that I get to go work at a place where I learn so much each and every day. This week I am working in JK, and let me just say that I LOVE it.
Speaking of the Martin Institute, we are hosting our first Martin Institute Conference on September 30-October 1. The theme is "Teaching for Tomorrow", and the conference will be held on the PDS campus. For more information, visit

11. My new vacuum cleaner
Hey, it's the little things in life, right!? Haha no seriously, my new vacuum is a miracle worker. Saying that Charlie is a shedder would be an understatement. But that little vacuum cleaner can pick up hair even when the house looks spotless! Amazing!

Well, Happy Tuesday everyone! And yay for a short week and more football on Saturday!


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  1. Charlie is indeed cute and must have been quite naughty puppy, it seems so with his looks. I think that you would not notice time passing by while you are playing with him. The way he has been growing to full strength, it appears that you do take good care of him.

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