Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer is Almost Gone

Well... we are wrapping up the end of Summer 2010 here at the Griffith house.  I start my orientations and workshops for PDS next Thursday, and we are going to the lake for probably the last time this weekend.  Sad, sad.  It's been a good summer (wedding, honeymoon, moving into our new house, getting a big girl job, making great new friends, etc.), but it had to end sometime, I guess! 
I'm so excited about starting my new job, but can't help but to be a little nervous.  It will definitely be a learning experience for both me and the students!  Everyone I'm going to be working with seems so nice and eager to help, though, so it should be awesome! 
Last week, I taught a twirling clinic in Kennett and had a wonderful time with the girls.  It was hot, it was humid, and it was tiring, but it was worth it!  I love teaching what little I know to others. 
Alex and I had a very busy, somewhat stressful day yesterday.  We were having some friends over for dinner last night, and luckily I had gotten up very early yesterday to start getting the side dishes and dessert ready.  I ran a few errands during the day and when I got home, I found Charlie not acting anything like his normal self and very sluggish.  I called Alex and he thought he seemed strange during his lunch break, so I got nervous.  I went outside to see if there was anything he might have gotten into (our yard situation still isn't the greatest... we have had no time for yard work this summer and there's no telling what is out there!), and found a 5 gallon bucket of rat poisoning that had been left by the previous owner of the house.  Awesome.  So, I rushed him to a vet (his first visit as our puppy!), and got him checked out.  Sure enough, it was the rat poisoning, as well as intestinal worms.  The vet also updated him on his puppy shots, so needless to say he is extremely drugged and out of it.  He's still very sick, and I can't even get upset with him when I have to clean up a mess in the house, because he just can't help it!  Sooooo..... I rushed home after the vet visit and finished dinner preparations in a hurry.  Dinner turned out fabulously (I'll post two new, delicious recipes soon), and we had a great time visiting with everyone.  I'm just so thankful Charlie Boy is okay! 

Happy Weekend, folks! 


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Griffith's are Busy!

After a somewhat restful week (excluding trying to keep up with a teething, playful puppy!), Alex and I are heading to Kennett today for the weekend. So, so, so excited.

There are several reasons for our visit.

  • I just really miss the family. I can't help it! I'm much closer to them now than I was in Fayetteville, so I just think I should get to see them more now too!

  • Mom, Dad, and Tyson need to meet Charlie.

  • Alayna and Cody are getting married tomorrow! I wouldn't miss their special day for anything!

I've been busy this morning catching up on laundry (we finally got our possessed washer fixed), cleaning up a bit (Charlie is a shedder, a chewer, a pooper, and basically just a mess!), and packing. I pack for Alex and I both. It's not that he can't pack himself, he just tends to always forget at least one important item, and has a tendency to pack all one color. It's like he goes to the closet and thinks "I'll wear blue this weekend!" Ha! I thought he would drive me crazy with his habits (ya know- messy, unorganized, etc.), but he really just makes me laugh! We are still working on getting our routine set and making a few rules (take dirty clothes to the laundry room, don't leave your shoes by the couch just because that's where you took them off, hang up the towel, etc.), but he's really done a great job of dealing with my OCD self. We have completely different styles of daily routines, but it's going great! He's too sweet!

{The Fam}
Next week, Alex has to go to Jackson, MS for work. I haven't been down there with him yet, but one of these days I will make the trip! He scheduled his trip for this week because I already had plans to be out of town for the week. Carpet Tech has opened up a branch in Jackson, so he has to go about once a month or so to check up on things. The life of a businessman.
Charlie and I get to stay in Kennett next week too! I am giving a twirling camp to 17 girls all next week, so I will have my hands full. I absolutely love teaching twirling, whether it be private lessons or a group of girls like this. It's kind of a dying talent/activity, so I love passing it on to other girls. Plus, it helps me be able to contribute to our recently combined bank account since I don't start my job until August!

{Me with the 2008-2009 U of A Twirlers}

Everyone have a fabulous weekend and try to stay cool!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Charming Charlie!

Here are pictures of our newest member of the family: Charlie! He is absolutely precious. Although at times he can get a little rambunctious, he is typically sweet as pie and so entertaining! He has already stolen his mama and daddy's heart and sleeps in the middle of the bed with us! Judging by the size of his paws, we may not be able to all fit in the bed very much longer!

{Alex and Charlie swimming at Greer's Ferry}

{Family Photo!!}

{Charlie is already almost as big as I am!}

{He is such a good car rider!}

Charlie is going to Kennett this weekend to meet my parents! Hopefully he will be on his best behavior during the visit. We are just enjoying the puppy phase because it's not going to last very long!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Best News Ever!

Good evening, bloggers!

As I sit and watch the Home Run Derby with Alex and Charlie, I wanted to share some wonderful new with you.

I began applying for a few teaching jobs back in March. I didn't really spend a whole lot of time looking for opening positions due to finishing school, wedding planning, remodeling the house, and moving, but I did apply to a few schools and just hoped for the best.

Well, about 2 weeks ago I got a call for an interview. On Saturday morning, I met with three wonderful people from the school and had a great meeting with them. I felt like it went really well and just prayed on it the rest of the weekend.

This afternoon, I got a wonderful phone call: a job offer! The prayers were answered, and I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I did not major in education because I got the calling a little late in my college career, but this first year I will build a portfolio and learn teaching techniques. I am so excited to be working at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis. What a wonderful opportunity, and what an amazing blessing!

Needless to say, Alex and I are both very very very excited. He took me to Benihana tonight for a celebration dinner! Alex has never been pushy or worried about me getting a job, but I am the type of person that has to have something to do! We have been back from the honeymoon for only two weeks and I am already going stir crazy and getting antsy! I know I drive him crazy by calling him during the day and stopping by the office! I can't wait to put all of this time and energy towards the kids and my career! What a wonderful feeling!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Wow... it has been nearly a month and a half since I last posted, and lots of things have changed since then! First and foremost, Alex and I are now MARRIED!! That now makes me Mrs. Kristen Griffith (although everyone still refers to me as KP, and I'm okay with that!). We had wonderful wedding festivities, a fantastic honeymoon to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, and are not settling into our new home in Memphis. We still have lots to do to get it perfect, but it's getting there! We also just got a new addition to the Griffith family: a Golden Retriever puppy named Charlie! He's adorable (pictures will be up soon!), friendly, loving, and overall just a great puppy. He hasn't given us a bit of problems. I am such a dog person, but only big dogs. I do not like frilly, girly, small dogs. You know the kind I'm referring to: bows in their hair, has to get groomed, just sits there, teacup-sized, wears dog clothes, doesn't go on walks or runs or to the lake or anything fun kinda dogs? Basically, not much of a dog at all! I like big dogs that are energetic and fun: labs, goldens, boxers, etc. Sooooo.... I went to Alex's office on Friday, asked him if we could go look at the golden retriever I found, we did, and now he's part of the family! We took him to the lake with us this weekend, and he absolutely loved it. I'll get pictures soon!

As for the wedding, it went perfectly. We had beautiful weather, great friends and family, and a fabulous ceremony and reception. We danced for a solid 5 hours before the limo came to pick us up! Soooo much fun! There are tons of pictures of Facebook from all of the wedding festivities, but I've included a few here!

{My two grandmothers, my mom, & I at my bridal luncheon}

{The hubby-to-be & I at the rehearsal dinner}

{Mr. and Mrs. Alex Griffith!}
We are so thankful and blessed for such an amazing group of friends and family that were able to come and support us on our wedding day. I had so much fun planning everything, but am so glad that it is over! No more stress, worry, or anxiety over one single day! We are enjoying no longer having a long-distance relationship and our new home.

Speaking of weddings, we have a TON to attend this summer! June 5th was Paul and Bethany's, June 19th was our big day, June 26th was Brody and Claire's (although we were still in Mexico), this past weekend was Chris and Kristin Murphy's in Conway, and next weekend we are going back to Kennett for Alayna and Cody's big day! Whew! I get tired just thinking about it! It will be nice to have a free weekend to spend at home together!

{On our honeymoon!}

Okay, way past my bedtime now! I will try and get more pictures up this week! I'm going to try to get back into my blogging routine after taking the past few weeks off!
Have a great week, readers!