Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer is Almost Gone

Well... we are wrapping up the end of Summer 2010 here at the Griffith house.  I start my orientations and workshops for PDS next Thursday, and we are going to the lake for probably the last time this weekend.  Sad, sad.  It's been a good summer (wedding, honeymoon, moving into our new house, getting a big girl job, making great new friends, etc.), but it had to end sometime, I guess! 
I'm so excited about starting my new job, but can't help but to be a little nervous.  It will definitely be a learning experience for both me and the students!  Everyone I'm going to be working with seems so nice and eager to help, though, so it should be awesome! 
Last week, I taught a twirling clinic in Kennett and had a wonderful time with the girls.  It was hot, it was humid, and it was tiring, but it was worth it!  I love teaching what little I know to others. 
Alex and I had a very busy, somewhat stressful day yesterday.  We were having some friends over for dinner last night, and luckily I had gotten up very early yesterday to start getting the side dishes and dessert ready.  I ran a few errands during the day and when I got home, I found Charlie not acting anything like his normal self and very sluggish.  I called Alex and he thought he seemed strange during his lunch break, so I got nervous.  I went outside to see if there was anything he might have gotten into (our yard situation still isn't the greatest... we have had no time for yard work this summer and there's no telling what is out there!), and found a 5 gallon bucket of rat poisoning that had been left by the previous owner of the house.  Awesome.  So, I rushed him to a vet (his first visit as our puppy!), and got him checked out.  Sure enough, it was the rat poisoning, as well as intestinal worms.  The vet also updated him on his puppy shots, so needless to say he is extremely drugged and out of it.  He's still very sick, and I can't even get upset with him when I have to clean up a mess in the house, because he just can't help it!  Sooooo..... I rushed home after the vet visit and finished dinner preparations in a hurry.  Dinner turned out fabulously (I'll post two new, delicious recipes soon), and we had a great time visiting with everyone.  I'm just so thankful Charlie Boy is okay! 

Happy Weekend, folks! 


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