Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No more snow!

Thaaaaaank goodness we had school today. Even though we had more bad weather during the night, the roads weren't too entirely icy and we were able to have school. I'm not kidding when I say I would have gone absolutely stir crazy if I had to sit at home with my non-4-wheel drive car another day. I'm too energetic for that, ya'll.

Anyway, how about a picture from our one good, 5-inch snow of the season!? Meet our Razorback snowman. He has a bit of a gangsta lean to him, but that's only because he's best friends with Ryan Mallett.

And here's a nice family picture from our relaxing weekend at the lake.

And for a completely random side note, I am completely obsessed with Cops. Like really, it's a problem. If I know I have to tutor or work late, I will TIVO it....... who does that!? It's COPS, for crying out loud! I wish I had an explanation as to why this sudden addiction came on, but I don't and the only way I know to deal with it is to watch more Cops! And also Campus PD, which happens to be set in Conway, AR half the time I watch it.

P.S. If you go to college at UCA in Conway, AR and not U of A in Fayetteville, AR, please refrain from wearing Razorback gear while getting arrested and being filmed for an episode of Campus PD. Thank you.

It's hump day, ya'll!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I've been MIA from blogger world for several weeks now. School started back up from Christmas break and life is crazy again!
Alex and I made a "resolution" to eat healthier and start working out more. Unfortunately our schedules right now aren't allowing for us to work out every single day, but we are doing what we can and surely it's making some difference! But I must say, cooking healthy every single night is not fun, a chore, and takes much longer. There just aren't enough good healthy recipes to tide my cooking madness over!
I also started graduate school 2 weeks ago. It's mostly online this semester since I'm working full-time as well, but it's very time consuming!
I am beginning the parade of 2011 weddings a bit earlier this year, with my first one being this weekend! I love weddings, and it's a good thing: I already have 6 I know of this year! So this weekend, I am traveling to Atlanta with a few girlfriends to see the lovely Bridget tie the knot! And I just can't wait!
Alex and I spent this past weekend relaxing at the lake doing absolutely nothing. We broke our diet majorly, but hey, it's the lake! It's like a mini-vacation, and let's be honest, who diets while on vacation!?

Have a happy day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sad Day to be a Hog Fan

The hogs lost a heartbreaker against Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night. Seriously, it was brutal.
Be glad you weren't watching it with me.
Although it wasn't the ending I was hoping and praying for, I am still so stinkin' proud to be a hog fan. 10-3 is a fabulous season in the SEC west (which is, in fact, the hardest and best conference in college football) and I cannot wait for next season!!

Then on Thursday night, Ryan Mallett announced that he was officially leaving Arkansas to enter the draft. *tear*
I know, I know. I should've already known this was coming and should've been prepared.
However, I still am one sad Razorback. He brought so much excitement and anticipation to Arkansas football. So much that I even named my pooch after him.
And even though I am sad and next year won't be quite the same, it may (and hopefully will) be even better!
Woo Pig Sooie!