Friday, January 7, 2011

Sad Day to be a Hog Fan

The hogs lost a heartbreaker against Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night. Seriously, it was brutal.
Be glad you weren't watching it with me.
Although it wasn't the ending I was hoping and praying for, I am still so stinkin' proud to be a hog fan. 10-3 is a fabulous season in the SEC west (which is, in fact, the hardest and best conference in college football) and I cannot wait for next season!!

Then on Thursday night, Ryan Mallett announced that he was officially leaving Arkansas to enter the draft. *tear*
I know, I know. I should've already known this was coming and should've been prepared.
However, I still am one sad Razorback. He brought so much excitement and anticipation to Arkansas football. So much that I even named my pooch after him.
And even though I am sad and next year won't be quite the same, it may (and hopefully will) be even better!
Woo Pig Sooie!


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