Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Tribute to Fayetteville

In honor/memory of my upcoming move to Memphis, I want to dedicate this post to all of my favorites things about Fayetteville that will be greatly missed. I have been moving things and packing like crazy since May 8th is right around the corner, but I am also embracing every minute spent with my best friends here, as well as eat just one last time at all my favorite restaraunts!
This list is in no particular order!

1. U.S. Pizza (Hands down, my favorite. Oh Lord, give me the strength to leave this love of mine behind. Gracie's Creamy Italian Chicken is going to be greatly, and I do mean greatly missed. Football weekends will ALWAYS consist of a visit to U.S. Pizza!)
2. Powerhouse (Love ya, Shrimp Scampi Pasta. And Party on the Patio. And Kilowatts.)
3. Razorback Sporting Events (Ask Alex, I'm a fanatic. Watching on TV simply is just not good enough!)
4. Orange Mango (My new favorite dessert/snack place. I can't choose my favorite flavor because they are all just that stinkin' good!)
5. Wilson Park (What a wonderful little escape from my crazy schedule!)
6. Theo's (YUM. That's all.)
7. Mexico Viejo (Someone please do me a favor and order Chicken, Cheese and Rice. They now refer to it as "the student special" because I have talked so many people into ordering it. Ya know, I just had to bring a little piece of Kennett with me to college, and it just stuck! Also, frozen peach margaritas on Monday and Thursday nights for $1.99. Yes, please.)
8. Willy D's Piano Bar (You will be missed, but visited frequently on game weekends!)
9. Private Gallery
10. So Inviting (I could spend hours in here. Such neat gifts!)
11. Brenda's Bigger Burger (If you have not been, you are missing out. I am not lying when I say this is the ONLY place besides Red Robin that I will eat a hamburger. They are that good.)
12. Rick's Bakery (Please do not get me started on those sugar cookies)
13. Lenny's Sub Shop (Uhhh..... thank goodness Memphis has several of you! I couldn't live without my Lenny's!)
14. Fiesta Square Movie Theater (Oh so many nights of $4 movies. Not the most comfortable seats, but it's FOUR DOLLARS.)
15. Lights on the Square (I love Christmas time!!! Beautiful!)
16. Walmart Stockholders Convention (The highlight of my last 3 summers have been the free Walmart concerts- Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Brad Paisley, Journey, Lifehouse)
17. Slim Chickens (Oh. My. Gosh. it's just that good.)
18. Noodles (I'm not a huge pasta person, but that Spinach Artichoke Pasta rocks my socks off.)
19. Maple Street (Absolutely gorgeous)
20. Old Main being lit up at Christmas time
21. Carnall Hall (Please have Mr. Ryan Polite make you his famous Apple Martini. And go ahead and order the chocolate mousse as well.)
22. My first house (I miss you already, 3502.)
23. Pregame and Halftime of every football game (Now this is an emotional topic)
24. Grub's
25. The Wine Cellar
26. Doe's Eat Place (Those biscuits are to die for)
27. Driving down 5-40 in the fall
28. Wasabi (Ohhhh you have been wonderful to me!)
29. Common Grounds (Honey Almond Stuffed French Toast. Yes, Please.)
30. All of the wonderful memories I have made over the last 4 years. Above all, those memories are what I cherish most. I cannot believe it is over, and I certainly never dreamed I would be this sad and torn up about it being over!

Now, I know Memphis has some great places too, but it has some big shoes to fill! Fayetteville, you've been a great second home!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Alex and I had our His and Hers Couple's Shower in Memphis this past weekend. It was amazing. I cannot begin to express how blessed we both are to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. The closer we get to the wedding day, the more and more I am blown away by our family and friends' generosity. Blessed. That's the only word to describe how I'm feeling.
We had several members of our wedding party able to attend the shower and stay the night with us at Alex's parents' home, so we had alot of fun hanging out with each other. My entire family was also able to come up for the shower, and it's always wonderful to see them! We literally could not have asked for better weather.... perfect temperature, no rain, a slight breeze, and beautiful stars!

{Our wonderful friends... what would we do without you guys?}

Also this week, I am working my booty off on thank-you notes. I am very OCD when it comes to thank you notes. Everyone who gets us a gift, no matter how many times you tell me not to write you one, you will get a thank you! It's the least I can do! I am also very OCD about making sure the thank you's are written in a timely manner, which I why I only lack about 5 more from having them all complete! I know the hostesses thought I was crazy when I wouldn't let the men start loading the gifts until I had personally taped each gift tag onto the proper gift... I know it sounds crazy, but I like to make sure that I know exactly who got us what gift!
{My wonderful parents. I couldn't ask for two greater people.}
The wedding program is now complete and ready to be printed, the bridesmaids' luncheon invitation is complete and ready to be printed, and the rehearsal dinner invitations are in and look awesome! WHEW... it tires me to even think about how much we have left to do in less than two months! My mom and I have gotten the ceremony events completely nailed down, and I think it's going to be awesome (If I do say so myself!)!!! Traditional with my own little spin on some things.

Well, that's all I know for now!

Oh wait, for those who know how sick of school I am, I am finished in 16 days and graduate in 18 days! I think I can manage that!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Week!

Okay, this week is a super busy one for me. Good thing I had a great weekend and have a great weekend ahead to keep me going! :)
Alex, Burg, and Brandon came to Fayetteville this past weekend, for only the SECOND time all semester! How ridiculous is that? And we only have 3 more weekends left in Fayetteville, which is a completely different topic that tends to end with a few tears in my eyes! Anyway, we had a wonderful, semi-relaxing weekend consisting of eating at Powerhouse (My personal favorite), Brenda's Bigger Burger (Ummm.... YUM!!!), and taking them to my new favorite dessert place, Oranage Mango. If you have not been there-GO, right now, I'm not kidding. It's so delicious. Since I'm trying really hard not to eat the usual desserts on a regular basis, this only has about 75 calories per serving!
We also went to the Three 6 Mafia Concert (not my favorite, but it was fun!) and to Mark and Hannah's engagement party (so much fun!). And of course, we ended Saturday night with dessert and drinks at Carnall Hall. Although our favorite bartender, Ryan, wasn't working, we had a wonderful time. It's so quiet and relaxing there... I love it!
But then Sunday rolled around and I had to buckle down and work. I had a final paper due on Tuesday, a rough draft to my senior thesis due this morning (Wed.), and a group project due tomorrow. Busy busy busy. And sleep deprived.
I'm also going to Memphis this weekend and I think alot of our friends that I haven't seen in a while are going to be there! So I'm excited.
Well, I hope everyone has a great Hump Day, and I'll try to do the same!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Fever

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! I certainly did, although it was very very busy. Alex's sister, Maddie, and I left Fayetteville on Thursday afternoon and headed to Memphis. On Friday, I went to our house and painted door frames and baseboards ALL day while Alex was at work. He brought me lunch and then came back and helped after work. He's the greatest! On Saturday, my parents came up to Memphis and helped us paint, clean, put up new ceiling fans, etc. Between them, me, Alex, Mrs. Sherri, Clint, and Beka, we got SOOOOO much accomplished! It actually looks like a house now instead of a war zone! (Special thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends for helping!). The best part is: OUR CABINETS ARE FINISHED!

Aren't they beautiful!?

They look fantastic. And so do the tile floors. We are now waiting on appliances, which are being installed on Thursday, and the granite, which has a couple more weeks. I'm so excited!

On Sunday I spent Easter with the Griffith's. We went to church, then went home for lunch with the Crawford family. So much fun! I loved my Easter basket from my in-laws... so greatly appreciated! :) Then, Maddie and I had to head back to Fayetteville. That's always the worst part of the weekend: leaving to go back to school. But, only FOUR more weeks! And Alex is coming here this weekend, so I don't have to drive this time!

Although school is winding down in terms of time, it is unfortunately a whirlwind as far as amount of work I have left to do. Why do professors think that the end of the semester is the best time for term papers, projects, etc. on top of finals!? Not cool, but I will get it finished!

Well, I hope everyone has an amazing week. Tomorrow night I am going to see Dierks Bentley, so you know I'm pumped. Happy Tuesday!