Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Week!

Okay, this week is a super busy one for me. Good thing I had a great weekend and have a great weekend ahead to keep me going! :)
Alex, Burg, and Brandon came to Fayetteville this past weekend, for only the SECOND time all semester! How ridiculous is that? And we only have 3 more weekends left in Fayetteville, which is a completely different topic that tends to end with a few tears in my eyes! Anyway, we had a wonderful, semi-relaxing weekend consisting of eating at Powerhouse (My personal favorite), Brenda's Bigger Burger (Ummm.... YUM!!!), and taking them to my new favorite dessert place, Oranage Mango. If you have not been there-GO, right now, I'm not kidding. It's so delicious. Since I'm trying really hard not to eat the usual desserts on a regular basis, this only has about 75 calories per serving!
We also went to the Three 6 Mafia Concert (not my favorite, but it was fun!) and to Mark and Hannah's engagement party (so much fun!). And of course, we ended Saturday night with dessert and drinks at Carnall Hall. Although our favorite bartender, Ryan, wasn't working, we had a wonderful time. It's so quiet and relaxing there... I love it!
But then Sunday rolled around and I had to buckle down and work. I had a final paper due on Tuesday, a rough draft to my senior thesis due this morning (Wed.), and a group project due tomorrow. Busy busy busy. And sleep deprived.
I'm also going to Memphis this weekend and I think alot of our friends that I haven't seen in a while are going to be there! So I'm excited.
Well, I hope everyone has a great Hump Day, and I'll try to do the same!

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