Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Fever

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! I certainly did, although it was very very busy. Alex's sister, Maddie, and I left Fayetteville on Thursday afternoon and headed to Memphis. On Friday, I went to our house and painted door frames and baseboards ALL day while Alex was at work. He brought me lunch and then came back and helped after work. He's the greatest! On Saturday, my parents came up to Memphis and helped us paint, clean, put up new ceiling fans, etc. Between them, me, Alex, Mrs. Sherri, Clint, and Beka, we got SOOOOO much accomplished! It actually looks like a house now instead of a war zone! (Special thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends for helping!). The best part is: OUR CABINETS ARE FINISHED!

Aren't they beautiful!?

They look fantastic. And so do the tile floors. We are now waiting on appliances, which are being installed on Thursday, and the granite, which has a couple more weeks. I'm so excited!

On Sunday I spent Easter with the Griffith's. We went to church, then went home for lunch with the Crawford family. So much fun! I loved my Easter basket from my in-laws... so greatly appreciated! :) Then, Maddie and I had to head back to Fayetteville. That's always the worst part of the weekend: leaving to go back to school. But, only FOUR more weeks! And Alex is coming here this weekend, so I don't have to drive this time!

Although school is winding down in terms of time, it is unfortunately a whirlwind as far as amount of work I have left to do. Why do professors think that the end of the semester is the best time for term papers, projects, etc. on top of finals!? Not cool, but I will get it finished!

Well, I hope everyone has an amazing week. Tomorrow night I am going to see Dierks Bentley, so you know I'm pumped. Happy Tuesday!

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