Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Tribute to Fayetteville

In honor/memory of my upcoming move to Memphis, I want to dedicate this post to all of my favorites things about Fayetteville that will be greatly missed. I have been moving things and packing like crazy since May 8th is right around the corner, but I am also embracing every minute spent with my best friends here, as well as eat just one last time at all my favorite restaraunts!
This list is in no particular order!

1. U.S. Pizza (Hands down, my favorite. Oh Lord, give me the strength to leave this love of mine behind. Gracie's Creamy Italian Chicken is going to be greatly, and I do mean greatly missed. Football weekends will ALWAYS consist of a visit to U.S. Pizza!)
2. Powerhouse (Love ya, Shrimp Scampi Pasta. And Party on the Patio. And Kilowatts.)
3. Razorback Sporting Events (Ask Alex, I'm a fanatic. Watching on TV simply is just not good enough!)
4. Orange Mango (My new favorite dessert/snack place. I can't choose my favorite flavor because they are all just that stinkin' good!)
5. Wilson Park (What a wonderful little escape from my crazy schedule!)
6. Theo's (YUM. That's all.)
7. Mexico Viejo (Someone please do me a favor and order Chicken, Cheese and Rice. They now refer to it as "the student special" because I have talked so many people into ordering it. Ya know, I just had to bring a little piece of Kennett with me to college, and it just stuck! Also, frozen peach margaritas on Monday and Thursday nights for $1.99. Yes, please.)
8. Willy D's Piano Bar (You will be missed, but visited frequently on game weekends!)
9. Private Gallery
10. So Inviting (I could spend hours in here. Such neat gifts!)
11. Brenda's Bigger Burger (If you have not been, you are missing out. I am not lying when I say this is the ONLY place besides Red Robin that I will eat a hamburger. They are that good.)
12. Rick's Bakery (Please do not get me started on those sugar cookies)
13. Lenny's Sub Shop (Uhhh..... thank goodness Memphis has several of you! I couldn't live without my Lenny's!)
14. Fiesta Square Movie Theater (Oh so many nights of $4 movies. Not the most comfortable seats, but it's FOUR DOLLARS.)
15. Lights on the Square (I love Christmas time!!! Beautiful!)
16. Walmart Stockholders Convention (The highlight of my last 3 summers have been the free Walmart concerts- Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Brad Paisley, Journey, Lifehouse)
17. Slim Chickens (Oh. My. Gosh. it's just that good.)
18. Noodles (I'm not a huge pasta person, but that Spinach Artichoke Pasta rocks my socks off.)
19. Maple Street (Absolutely gorgeous)
20. Old Main being lit up at Christmas time
21. Carnall Hall (Please have Mr. Ryan Polite make you his famous Apple Martini. And go ahead and order the chocolate mousse as well.)
22. My first house (I miss you already, 3502.)
23. Pregame and Halftime of every football game (Now this is an emotional topic)
24. Grub's
25. The Wine Cellar
26. Doe's Eat Place (Those biscuits are to die for)
27. Driving down 5-40 in the fall
28. Wasabi (Ohhhh you have been wonderful to me!)
29. Common Grounds (Honey Almond Stuffed French Toast. Yes, Please.)
30. All of the wonderful memories I have made over the last 4 years. Above all, those memories are what I cherish most. I cannot believe it is over, and I certainly never dreamed I would be this sad and torn up about it being over!

Now, I know Memphis has some great places too, but it has some big shoes to fill! Fayetteville, you've been a great second home!

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