Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Invites Galore!

Since the wedding is a mere 12 days away and the planning process is nearly over, I thought I would post all of our invitations to all of our wedding events! I am missing the Christmas shower, the Kennett ladies shower, and our wedding program (which obviously cannot be posted yet!), so I will try to get pictures of those up soon to complete the list!

{Our gorgeous wedding invitation. It's perfect: classy, traditional, & simple with our own little flair!}
{The invitation again with all of the pieces: Invite, Reception info card, Response card, & inner & outer envelopes}

{My bridal luncheon invitation. I chose bright, fun colors for this event since everything else is elegant and classic!}

{The Memphis Couples' Shower invitation. Cute, very springy, and so much fun!}

{The Kennett Engagement Party invitation. Can I just say that I LOVE this invite? All I can say is Mrs. Kristin knows me all too well! This is soo something I would have chosen myself!}

{Our super-cute Save-The-Date. We went with a black linen paper with a black and white picture. Our wedding colors, classy, and absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't have been more pleased with our first wedding invite!}

{Now just how cute is this Bachelorette Party invitation?! Mrs. Tina Carter designed this and did such a wonderful job. I didn't want the typical martini glass/polka dot border/pink and purple invite. I wanted something different, and she delivered!}
(Our Rehearsal Dinner invitation. Once again, this fits our traditional, black and white, classy wedding theme. I love it!}
So there you have it, folks. That's the majority of our wedding festivity invites. I will try to get the others posted soon. I am so ready for June 19th to be here I can hardly stand it! Such anticipation!! :)
Alex and I attended the wedding of my wonderful friend, Paul, and his new bride, Bethany, on Saturday. And let me just say it was gorgeous. It was outside at Bethany's home, and had a huge tent for the reception. Beautiful. So needless to say, we are now in the wedding spirit and are ready for our own big day!
Love ya'll!!
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