Thursday, May 29, 2014

Banks- 5 Months

Well, I'm 2 weeks behind.  It's been a busy 5th month already! 
My baby boy is 5 months.  Wow.  It doesn't even seem right! 
Lots of firsts for Banks this month. 
It all started on May 8th when, at his 5 month check-up, he still had not gained enough weight.  This led us to introducing cereal for the first time.  He did okay with it in the bottle, but not so much by a spoon.  Since then, we have cut back on the cereal because it was giving him an upset tummy and terrible diaper rash.  He seems to have gained quite a bit of weight since then though! 
He also was given his first formula on May 13th.  I was not ready to introduce formula, but I am simply not producing enough to keep this boy full.  I have tried absolutely everything, but just can't keep up with his needs.  He is only getting around 3 ounces of formula a day, typically right before bedtime.  I have just had to make myself learn to accept the fact that I can't only breastfeed and am doing what is best for Banks.  Life is too short to beat myself up over something I simply cannot help!
Banks celebrated his first Cinco de Mayo this year.  We went to our favorite, Happy Mexican, with some friends.  Banks was a huge hit!

We celebrated my first Mother's Day on May 11th.  Alex, Banks and I went to brunch (an outdoor place, of course!), took a long nap, hung out with friends, and had a nice relaxing day.  It was PERFECT!
We also took Banks on his first beach trip this month.  We were fortunate enough to find a week that both of our families could go.  We had the best time!  Banks wasn't sure about the sand at first, but ended up loving it by the end of our trip.  

As for his weight, he weighed in at 13 lbs. 6 oz. on May 8th and 14 lb. 2 oz. on May 16th.  Clearly, adding the little bit of formula everyday has helped to chunk him up! 
We are loving the pretty weather and have taken full advantage of it... lots of patio sitting for the Griffiths these days!