Monday, March 28, 2011


Last week, I went to Napa, CA with my mother and sister-in-law. We had an amazing trip! None of us had ever been, and I think we would all 3 go back in a heartbeat. The views are breathtaking, the food is amazing, and the wine is never-ending!

We spent the first day touring 4 vineyards with our driver, Dean. The second day, we booked a limo and spent the day touring 4 more vineyards. We knew we were sharing the limo with another group, but were a little nervous about who it may be. We were sooo relieved to find 2 Arkansans sharing the limo with us! They were sweet, funny, just as much fun as us, and most importantly, they were SOUTHERNERS! Northern people just aren't nearly as friendly and laid back as us "hicks," as I quickly found out our first day on the trip. The third day we rode around in our rental car and just explored and shopped.

{With our new Arkansas friends. They are actually from Tennessee and recently moved to Arkansas. They will be attending a Razorback game with us in the fall and now know how to properly call the hogs!}

{Maddie and I at one of the many vineyards we visited}

{Sherri, Maddie, and I at our first vineyard, Ravenswood}

{Are you girls sure you're old enough to drink wine!?}

We unfortunately had tons of trouble getting home from this fabulous trip, but ended up landing in Memphis only 19 hours late! This was no fun, but overall the trip was awesome and great memories were made!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

It's the middle of March and it is crazy around here!
I've been busy finishing up my grad school classes.... yuck. Alex's company opened up a new branch in Little Rock at the beginning of the month, so he's been traveling down there alot. I am so proud of him... he works hard for us! Charlie has been busy chasing shadows- yes, he chases shadows- all around the house. This is so cute for about 5 minutes, then it's just annoying. Bless his heart, he just can't seem to understand that the shadows aren't going away!

I just got back from Orange Beach late last night. I went with a friend from work and her 3 little boys. Can I just say that I had a blast with these guys!? Sure, this beach trip was different than any other one I've ever been on (obviously we have no kids yet), but it was so much fun! More than anything, it got me so excited for our future family trips to the beach!

Alex is leaving today to go back to Little Rock for meetings. I haven't seen him much lately, but eventually things with slow down and be normal again.

On Saturday, I'm leaving to go to Napa Valley with my mother and sister-in-law. The 3 of us have had this planned for quite some time now, and I personally can't wait! I've only been to California once before and loved it, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the famous wine country. I'll hopefully remember to take my camera this time so I can have pictures to share.

Last Thursday, my school had their annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game. This was my first time to experience it, and it was amazing! The boys get so into this event and it was the sweetest thing. I was considering playing for the faculty, but I felt a little too out of shape and a little small compared to some of those 6th grade boys! I did, however, have the privilege of twirling during halftime of the game. Once again, I am out of shape and haven't touched a baton since last July, but it was so much fun and most of the boys had never seen baton twirling before. And I, of course, never turn down an opportunity to perform, so I enjoyed it so much!

Well, that's a wrap on our crazy busy month. We love it though!

--- KPG