Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Alex and I had our His and Hers Couple's Shower in Memphis this past weekend. It was amazing. I cannot begin to express how blessed we both are to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. The closer we get to the wedding day, the more and more I am blown away by our family and friends' generosity. Blessed. That's the only word to describe how I'm feeling.
We had several members of our wedding party able to attend the shower and stay the night with us at Alex's parents' home, so we had alot of fun hanging out with each other. My entire family was also able to come up for the shower, and it's always wonderful to see them! We literally could not have asked for better weather.... perfect temperature, no rain, a slight breeze, and beautiful stars!

{Our wonderful friends... what would we do without you guys?}

Also this week, I am working my booty off on thank-you notes. I am very OCD when it comes to thank you notes. Everyone who gets us a gift, no matter how many times you tell me not to write you one, you will get a thank you! It's the least I can do! I am also very OCD about making sure the thank you's are written in a timely manner, which I why I only lack about 5 more from having them all complete! I know the hostesses thought I was crazy when I wouldn't let the men start loading the gifts until I had personally taped each gift tag onto the proper gift... I know it sounds crazy, but I like to make sure that I know exactly who got us what gift!
{My wonderful parents. I couldn't ask for two greater people.}
The wedding program is now complete and ready to be printed, the bridesmaids' luncheon invitation is complete and ready to be printed, and the rehearsal dinner invitations are in and look awesome! WHEW... it tires me to even think about how much we have left to do in less than two months! My mom and I have gotten the ceremony events completely nailed down, and I think it's going to be awesome (If I do say so myself!)!!! Traditional with my own little spin on some things.

Well, that's all I know for now!

Oh wait, for those who know how sick of school I am, I am finished in 16 days and graduate in 18 days! I think I can manage that!

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