Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I've been MIA from blogger world for several weeks now. School started back up from Christmas break and life is crazy again!
Alex and I made a "resolution" to eat healthier and start working out more. Unfortunately our schedules right now aren't allowing for us to work out every single day, but we are doing what we can and surely it's making some difference! But I must say, cooking healthy every single night is not fun, a chore, and takes much longer. There just aren't enough good healthy recipes to tide my cooking madness over!
I also started graduate school 2 weeks ago. It's mostly online this semester since I'm working full-time as well, but it's very time consuming!
I am beginning the parade of 2011 weddings a bit earlier this year, with my first one being this weekend! I love weddings, and it's a good thing: I already have 6 I know of this year! So this weekend, I am traveling to Atlanta with a few girlfriends to see the lovely Bridget tie the knot! And I just can't wait!
Alex and I spent this past weekend relaxing at the lake doing absolutely nothing. We broke our diet majorly, but hey, it's the lake! It's like a mini-vacation, and let's be honest, who diets while on vacation!?

Have a happy day!

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