Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Wow... it has been nearly a month and a half since I last posted, and lots of things have changed since then! First and foremost, Alex and I are now MARRIED!! That now makes me Mrs. Kristen Griffith (although everyone still refers to me as KP, and I'm okay with that!). We had wonderful wedding festivities, a fantastic honeymoon to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, and are not settling into our new home in Memphis. We still have lots to do to get it perfect, but it's getting there! We also just got a new addition to the Griffith family: a Golden Retriever puppy named Charlie! He's adorable (pictures will be up soon!), friendly, loving, and overall just a great puppy. He hasn't given us a bit of problems. I am such a dog person, but only big dogs. I do not like frilly, girly, small dogs. You know the kind I'm referring to: bows in their hair, has to get groomed, just sits there, teacup-sized, wears dog clothes, doesn't go on walks or runs or to the lake or anything fun kinda dogs? Basically, not much of a dog at all! I like big dogs that are energetic and fun: labs, goldens, boxers, etc. Sooooo.... I went to Alex's office on Friday, asked him if we could go look at the golden retriever I found, we did, and now he's part of the family! We took him to the lake with us this weekend, and he absolutely loved it. I'll get pictures soon!

As for the wedding, it went perfectly. We had beautiful weather, great friends and family, and a fabulous ceremony and reception. We danced for a solid 5 hours before the limo came to pick us up! Soooo much fun! There are tons of pictures of Facebook from all of the wedding festivities, but I've included a few here!

{My two grandmothers, my mom, & I at my bridal luncheon}

{The hubby-to-be & I at the rehearsal dinner}

{Mr. and Mrs. Alex Griffith!}
We are so thankful and blessed for such an amazing group of friends and family that were able to come and support us on our wedding day. I had so much fun planning everything, but am so glad that it is over! No more stress, worry, or anxiety over one single day! We are enjoying no longer having a long-distance relationship and our new home.

Speaking of weddings, we have a TON to attend this summer! June 5th was Paul and Bethany's, June 19th was our big day, June 26th was Brody and Claire's (although we were still in Mexico), this past weekend was Chris and Kristin Murphy's in Conway, and next weekend we are going back to Kennett for Alayna and Cody's big day! Whew! I get tired just thinking about it! It will be nice to have a free weekend to spend at home together!

{On our honeymoon!}

Okay, way past my bedtime now! I will try and get more pictures up this week! I'm going to try to get back into my blogging routine after taking the past few weeks off!
Have a great week, readers!

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