Friday, July 16, 2010

The Griffith's are Busy!

After a somewhat restful week (excluding trying to keep up with a teething, playful puppy!), Alex and I are heading to Kennett today for the weekend. So, so, so excited.

There are several reasons for our visit.

  • I just really miss the family. I can't help it! I'm much closer to them now than I was in Fayetteville, so I just think I should get to see them more now too!

  • Mom, Dad, and Tyson need to meet Charlie.

  • Alayna and Cody are getting married tomorrow! I wouldn't miss their special day for anything!

I've been busy this morning catching up on laundry (we finally got our possessed washer fixed), cleaning up a bit (Charlie is a shedder, a chewer, a pooper, and basically just a mess!), and packing. I pack for Alex and I both. It's not that he can't pack himself, he just tends to always forget at least one important item, and has a tendency to pack all one color. It's like he goes to the closet and thinks "I'll wear blue this weekend!" Ha! I thought he would drive me crazy with his habits (ya know- messy, unorganized, etc.), but he really just makes me laugh! We are still working on getting our routine set and making a few rules (take dirty clothes to the laundry room, don't leave your shoes by the couch just because that's where you took them off, hang up the towel, etc.), but he's really done a great job of dealing with my OCD self. We have completely different styles of daily routines, but it's going great! He's too sweet!

{The Fam}
Next week, Alex has to go to Jackson, MS for work. I haven't been down there with him yet, but one of these days I will make the trip! He scheduled his trip for this week because I already had plans to be out of town for the week. Carpet Tech has opened up a branch in Jackson, so he has to go about once a month or so to check up on things. The life of a businessman.
Charlie and I get to stay in Kennett next week too! I am giving a twirling camp to 17 girls all next week, so I will have my hands full. I absolutely love teaching twirling, whether it be private lessons or a group of girls like this. It's kind of a dying talent/activity, so I love passing it on to other girls. Plus, it helps me be able to contribute to our recently combined bank account since I don't start my job until August!

{Me with the 2008-2009 U of A Twirlers}

Everyone have a fabulous weekend and try to stay cool!


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