Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mrs. Griffin....."

So, I've started keeping a journal of the funny things my kids say. I have some of the funniest stories imaginable, and I'm only 2 months in!! I certainly don't want to forget them, so I just jot them down as they occur! A few of my faves:
  • All, and I do mean all, of the kids refer to me as "Mrs. Griffin." I guess that's easier than Mrs. Griffith to them, so I just go with it and answer to that! It's hilarious though.
  • "Mrs. Griffin, there's poop juice on the toilet." Can you imagine my face when I heard this? I, thank goodness, do not have a weak stomach because I had to go check out the scenery on this one. There was, in fact, "poop juice" on the toilet seat... he was not kidding!
  • "But I want a whiskey drink with my lunch." Bahahaha! When I asked him where he heard that from, he informed me that his daddy drinks it out of his favorite cup. Oh kiddos!
  • "Mrs. Griffin, I think you're pretty. Mrs. Griffin, I like your necklace. Mrs. Griffin, I like your hair." All from the same boy in about a 30 second time span. I thiiiiink he liked me that day!
  • "But I only have a titty tat...." We were discussing animals in class. I said I have a dog, and this was a little one's response!
  • "Mrs. Griffin, who's Alex?" "My husband. Why?" "Ohhhhh, so he's your daddy?" Haha I don't think he quite understood!
  • "Mrs. Griffin, why is your hair red?" No comment needed!
  • "My mommy never sees my bad notes from teachers because I hide them under the seat in the car." Haha! Someone's tricky!
How hilarious, huh?! See why I look forward to going to work everyday?!
P.S.- It's officially fall (Although it is not even close to feeling like it here). It's also 3 days away from Razorback game day. As in the biggest game of the season. And my first home game without wearing a twirling uniform. I think I'll survive!

Love ya'll!

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