Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Is anyone else blown away by how fast this year is flying by? We are 11 days away from November, and 65 days until Christmas. Wow.
October has been a crazy busy month for the Griffith family. We started off the month by attending the Lady Antebellum/David Nail concert and spending the weekend at my parents' home. It also happened to be the weekend of the infamous Delta Fair, so Alex was fortunate enough to experience his first ever Demolition Derby. What. A. Treat!!!
The next weekend we went to Dallas for the Hogs vs. Texas A&M game. Fun!!! We got free clubhouse level seats, free hotel, and free food through a company that Alex does alot of business with, so we jumped on a plane and enjoyed a wonderful weekend! (And the Hogs won!)
My birthday was last Thursday. Let me start by saying it was one great birthday! When my alarm went off, Alex was sitting there with a gift for me to open. He got me a new pair of 7 jeans.... and got the right fit, size, and length all on his own!! He's awesome! Then I walked into my classroom and the other teachers surprised me with a carrot cake, a manicure, Diet Mountain Dew, and ordered in sushi for us to lunch. If you know me, then you know these are all of my favorite things! All of my students made me cards, drew me pictures, and some got me gifts. So so sweet! We went to dinner at Reef with Alex's parents, and they got me cupcakes from Muddy's and a couple of skirts. Such a great great day!

We stayed in Memphis this past weekend, but were still busy. We went to the ECS homecoming game on Friday night, and Alex saw alot of his old classmates and teachers. The hogs played on Saturday, but unfortunately got ripped off time and again by the darn referees. I am still too angry to discuss this game with anyone who is not a Hog fan. Don't bring it up.
This weekend we are heading to Fayetteville for the Arkansas Razorback vs. Ole Miss Black Bears game. Should be a fun time!

{Alex and I at the Demolition Derby}

I'm still loving my job and all of my students. They keep me smiling and I learn from them everyday. They are great!


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