Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After one week of school, I am absolutely giddy. Giddy. I have learned SO much from the faculty and staff, and know it's just going to keep getting better and better. I take notes everyday on my computer, and I love coming home and reading back through them later. I have literally just been blown away by this school. God has really granted me such a wonderful blessing with this opportunity!
One of the teachers showed me how to create wordles. Some of you may already be familiar with these, but I was not (I don't guess the Psychology department used these!) and I think they're just about the coolest things since sliced bread. I created my own wordle to get the hang of things.

{Pretty cool, huh}

In other news, I am officially in love with estate sales. Alex and I went to several in the Memphis area on Saturday and had an absolute blast. I got a chair and a lamp for very inexpensive, but also just enjoyed looking around. So much fun! (I need to post new pictures of the house; hopefully I will get to that soon!).
Alex is on a business trip this week, so it's just Charlie and I here. Boo. I get bored with not having someone to cook dinner for and no one to talk to! No, it's really not that bad and he will be home soon. Plus Charlie is keeping me entertained.
Well, everyone have a spendid rest of the week!
Oh, and if you're not counting down the days until Razorback Football, you should be. 12 days until game day. You're welcome.


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