Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School!

{The five Martin Institute residents of PDS}

I'm so excited about the start of this school year! I have already learned SO much through last week's Professional Development, so I already know the year is going to be jam packed with great experiences. The picture above was taken on the first day of Professional Development. These 4 people have already become great friends to me, and I am looking forward to getting to know each of them even better!
So, other than starting school today there isn't much going on at the Griffith house this week. And we are certainly not complaining about that! Alex and I both joined a gym, so we've been incorporating that into our daily routines (which is not easy both working, having Charlie, cooking dinner, mowing the yard, etc.). My arms currently feel like jell-o due to the Body Pump class I attended tonight. Taking a few weeks off from working out was NOT a good choice!
{Courtesy of KES Weddings}

I also have chosen all of my wedding portraits and ordered our wedding book. SO EXCITED!! I have purposefully left our walls somewhat bare in order to hang lots and lots of wedding pictures, and I cannot wait to get them in! The picture above is actually from my mom's book, but it's very similar to a page in ours!
Well, I hope everyone who is also starting school this week has a great first day, and I will be praying that we all have a wonderful year! I know it will be fabulous!!


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