Monday, March 15, 2010

World Traveler

I think I have put about 3000 miles on my car since January. Seriously. It takes 5 hours to get to Memphis and 6 to get to Kennett, so every trip I make are long ones! Then last weekend I drove to Hot Springs, and this weekend to Mississippi!
So on Thursday afternoon, I left Fayetteville to go to Memphis. Alex and I had made plans to paint our house all weekend. Well, during my 5 hour drive, my grandmother called and informed me that my great aunt and cousin were going to meet her in Mississippi for the weekend. My great-grandmother, Sippi Maw, lives about 10 minutes from Starkville. She has not been doing very well lately, as she is 96 years old and had a stroke about 6 weeks ago. So, I called Alex and begged him to go with me on Saturday! Being the wonderful fiance that he is, he agreed to go so I got to see my family all day on Saturday! It was a hectic weekend, and we didn't get much painting accomplished, but seeing the family was well worth it!
Alex's mom and I did get the guest bedroom painted on Friday afternoon, so we are one room down. This weekend we WILL get the master bedroom, hallway, and office painted as well. I will post pictures of the house as soon as it looks more presentable (for now, we are waiting on new sheetrock in the kitchen, getting the cabinets and granite installed, and finishing painting).
This Friday, I am going back to Memphis for the JOHN MAYER CONCERT! Woo! I cannot wait! We are going with Alex's family and it should be alot of fun. On Saturday, we are going to pick up our bedroom furniture in Jonesboro and painting!
As for wedding updates this week, we are getting our wedding bands on Saturday! They've already been picked out, but it's still exciting! Also, I'm in the process of choosing songs for the ceremony. I never knew how difficult this would be. We've had all the other songs for the evening chosen for months now, but the ceremony songs have gotten me stuck!
Have a happy week, ya'll!

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