Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let That Pony Run!

This past weekend Alex and I went to Hot Springs to the horse races. We had 4 rooms full of people, but Alex, Burg, Rachael and I mainly stuck together. We stayed at the Velda Rose Hotel. Let me just say that it was sketchy, sketchy, sketchy. Ya'll, I'm talking witnessing a drug deal, seeing a prostitute, and thinking someone was breaking in our room kind of sketchy. It was fine since we weren't in the room much and it was dirt cheap, but it was quite the experience!

On Friday night, we went to eat dinner at the Porterhouse. Obviously being at the Porterhouse, Alex and I got steaks (which is extremely rare for me as I typically order fish). Delicious.

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at the Pancake House. I ordered the french toast plate and ate every bite. When the bus boy came to clear our table, he said "did you eat all of that by yourself?" I replied yes, and he said "I'm really impressed! I can't even do that!" HOW EMBARRASSING! Then we went to the races (my first time!). I only bet on one race and lost, which was enough for me! But it was a good time. Since all I could think about was food, I started looking on my phone for restaraunts and saw that there was a Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. Everyone agreed to go, and we were the only ones in the restaraunt, but it was absolutely delicious! Like the best decision ever.
It was a great, much needed, weekend. It was so good to hang out with Rachael since I don't get to see her as much anymore (I'm trying to get her a job in Memphis so I can see her all the time!)
This weekend, I'm going back to Memphis so Alex and I can start painting our house. Work weekend! I'll have pictures once we get our kitchen complete and finish all of the painting. It's a work in progress! I'm driving my brother's truck so I can take a piece of furniture (my bedroom suit has already been taken to be refinished and my kitchen table chairs are about to go... I'm going to be living in an empty house by May!).
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. comment numero're welcome....FYI the ponies were fun