Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't even know my last name!?

Just so you know, I'm well aware that my name is not yet "Griffith", but I found it silly to create a new e-mail and website under "Privett" when that will be changing in 3 months! Plus, I'm loving "Kristen Griffith"... it has a nice ring to it!
I worked on updating my recipe book all night last night. You know, I have to get more domestic so I can be a wonderful housewife. It's not that I am a bad cook, I just haven't had a ton of practice. And I really enjoy it. Alex says I don't give myself enough credit, but his mom is Mrs. Iron Chef so I have big shoes to fill to keep my boy filled!
On to wedding updates! I ordered my garter, cups, and flower girl basket this week. Making progress! Mom and I are working on a stamp design for the invitations. After all of the wonderful compliments on our "Save the Date" stamps, I really don't think we can top those but it'll still be a good one! We are also now on round two of my dress alterations. That's right, folks. KP has slimmed way down! Heck yes, I love progress.
Hope everyone has/had a terrific Thursday and a wonderful weekend! I'm off to Hot Springs tomorrow afternoon for a great weekend with Alex and our friends!

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