Monday, January 6, 2014

Banks' Nursery

I chose to do a very simple, neutral nursery for Banks.  I knew this was the type of nursery I wanted regardless of the baby's sex, so I got started on it pretty much right after I found out we were expecting.
The one request I had for the nursery was to get a dark bronze metal crib.  I have had this set in my mind for a very long time, and I was determined to find the perfect crib.  I wanted one that I could use for all of my future children, and that's exactly what we got.
After I had found the crib I wanted, my next purchase was the crib bedding.  I went with a natural colored linen bedding, with cream sheets and a monogrammed pillow. 
I found a matching dresser and chest at a flea market in Mountain Home, AR.  I had actually found them a couple of months before, while at the lake with my parents, but at that point I wasn't 100 percent certain they were the look I was going for (it depended on the sex of the baby).  After we found out that we were having a boy, I called back and they were still available! So, the next time we went to the lake, we loaded them up at took them home with us.  I got both pieces for a total of $150. Score!  We sanded them down and repainted them to go with the light and airy scheme of the nursery. 
 What the piece looked like before
I also found a cute wooden twin bed at an antique store in West Point, MS.  It was painted bright blue, so we just painted it using the same white we used on the chest and dresser.  I love the way it turned out. 
For the twin bedding, I found a white quilt at Home Goods and had the pillows and duvet made out of fabric I found on sale here in Memphis.  I also had a changing pad cover made out of one of the fabrics. 

One of my coworkers was getting rid of her nursery glider right around the time I announced that I was expecting.  She called and asked me if I would take it, and of course I jumped on the offer! She and her sweet hubby delivered it that day, so all I had to do was find some fabric and get it recovered.  Easy enough.  

The bookshelf was another flea market find.  I had been wanting a bookshelf of some sort for the nursery (it's the teacher in me I suppose), but was really out of wall space for anything too big.  My mom found this one in Kennett, so I just repainted it using the same white paint.  This turned out to be the most difficult and time-consuming project for the nursery.  Those rods cannot be removed, and my hands did not really fit between them to paint!  In the end, it turned out great. 

Another project I did was the monogrammed canvas above the twin bed.  I ordered the monogram from a website I found on Pinterest, and had it shipped unfinished and unpainted.  I then painted it using a chocolate brown, and painted the canvas using that same exact white from all of of the pieces of furniture.  Using lots of gorilla glue and super glue, I glued the monogram to the canvas and voila! Cheap, boyish art for the nursery. 

All of the lamps, frames, accent table, etc. came from Home Goods and TJ Maxx.  I really lucked out and found some cute, inexpensive pieces that coordinated perfectly. 

So there's the nursery.  I think it was a big success.  I have found both Alex and Charlie spending time in there by themselves, and I love to go in there and just hang out.  It's such a peaceful room, and one that I hope Banks will really enjoy and be proud of when he's a little bit older!


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