Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

Ahhh. Summertime. I remember the days when summer consisted of sleeping in, laying out, lifeguarding, the ballpark, and late nights spent with great friends. It's not that I don't enjoy those things now, it's just they are now very rare occasions. Just another part of growing up, I guess. I am now 5 days into summer and the latest I have slept is 8:30, I have worked on our house every single day, I have worked at Carpet Tech each afternoon, and I have yet to sit by a swimming pool. Busy busy!
So Saturday was a big day for me: I graduated college, gave my last hog call as a student, spent the last night in my house, and said goodbye to many great, unforgettable friends. It was a bittersweet, long-awaited, relieving day!

Alex and I before my graduation

(Please refrain from looking at my hair. I am aware that it is insanely long and am getting it taken care of tomorrow!)

I moved the majority of my things to Memphis, and only enough clothes to last the next 5 1/2 weeks to Kennett. What a hassle to separate everything! I am currently in Memphis working on getting our house in order, exchanging wedding gifts, etc.

Alex and I have our final engagement party/ shower on Saturday! Fun times! We have enjoyed our parties so much and know this one will be just as fabulous!

Happy "day before Friday"!!!! :)

Love, KP

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