Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello Bloggers!

It's been a while! Finishing my last semester of grad school and last few weeks of teaching has kept me super busy! Good thing I reaaaaaally enjoy being super busy. :)
Since I haven't posted a picture of my husband and I in about 6 months, I thought I was way overdue.  So here you go! One from a date night a couple of months ago and the other from Easter Sunday.

We have another busy month ahead of us in May.  Let's just face it... this summer is cram-packed with fun events, travels, and activities.  August will be here before I even know it! But I know, without a single doubt, that this summer will be much better than the last.  I cannot wait!
First up, a girl's trip to the beach.  From the beach, I head to NYC for a few days.  In the middle of June, I will be traveling to China for work.  In July, I will spend a week in Boston doing a work study program at Harvard, and then a week with my hubs in the Dominican Republic.  A little 2nd anniversary/end of summer/congrats on grad school vacay for the both of us! :)
In between all of those trips, we have weddings, showers, and birthdays galore! I love it!  So hopefully,  I will be much better about taking pictures and posting.  Hopefully! :)


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