Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Alex and I just got back from a short (but sweet!) trip to Las Vegas. He had a carpet convention for a few days, and I just got to tag along! It was a very low-key, stress-free trip. Alex and I ate alot, shopped a little, and spent some much-needed time together! We have not been able to have a ton of quality time together lately, due to family illnesses, grad classes, and crazy days at work. I think we will both be in celebration mode on March 1st when I NEVER have a night class ever again!
Anyway, the main thing about this trip was the food. I have been on a crazy fun-sucker diet, and it was so nice to let it go for a few days. As great as turkey slices, almonds, and sugar-free jello are, they get old very very very quickly! Soooo what did I eat on this trip!? Lots and lots of surf and turf! That's right, steak and lobster for every meal at dinner! It was delicious!
Another highlight of this trip was running into Michael Jackson's dad, Joe. It was hilarious! Alex recognized him right away, so we stood around watching for a minute. Then all of a sudden, he started approaching us! We ended up speaking to him for a few moments and I got my picture taken with him. So cool!
So that's a wrap on our Vegas Vacation!


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